About Us

The DE State Society is a member of the National Conference of State Societies (NCSS) located in Washington, D.C.  NCSS is an association of 55 state and territorial societies, chartered by Congress in 1952 under Public Law 82-293.  State societies are nonpartisan, social organizations that function as booster clubs to celebrate the history, traditions, schools, customs, and economies of American states and territories.  In addition to White House Christmas tours, NCSS hosts Capitol ghost tours and hundreds of receptions, picnics and educational events.  In the spring the NCSS participates in the National Cherry Blossom Festival and each state sponsors a princess.  This program has been a signature of the NCSS since 1948 when the first Queen (who was from Delaware)was chosen to represent the US in Japan.  Every four years state societies also sponsor parties, dances, and balls for home state visitors celebrating the Presidential Inauguration.  These nonpartisan state events are some of the best Inaugural events in the city!

Fun Facts!  DE is ranked 49th in land area with a total 1982 square miles.  It is 96 miles long by 9 to 35 miles wide.  The first state is bordered by Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey- and the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay.  Rehoboth Beach is the largest coastal resort in DE and is called “The Nation’s Summer Capital” because Washingtonians move to the beach every summer.  There are 25 miles of beaches starting in Lewes and running through Rehoboth, Dewey, Bethany and Fenwick.  The coastal resorts are known for their beautiful sandy beaches, boardwalks, Funland, great restaurants, water parks, tax free shopping and charming towns.  Climate is moderate year round and it’s always “sunny” at the beach!  DE is the only state without any National Park system such as national parks, seashores, historic sites, battlefields, memorials or monuments.  The state tree is the American Holly, the blue hen is the official state bird, the lady bug is the state bug and the colors are colonial blue and buff.

To Contact us:

Nancy Aiken/ President




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